A recent survey on the iPad conducted by Citrix reveals some very interesting statistics about how the iPad is changing the way companies do business.

The survey received approximately 5,000 responses and showed that a significant number of businesses (46%) depend on the iPad on a daily basis. Forrester research claims that tablets will reach 59 million users by 2015. This from a device that has been around for less than a year.

Other findings of the Citrix survey:

  • 62% planned to purchase and use an iPad for business
  • 43% were willing to purchase the iPad at their own expense
  • 72% claim that their company was willing to let them access corporate resources from a personal iPad

According to Citrix’s Vice President of Worldwide Channels & Market Development, Tom Flink, this trend shows that there is “a significant shift in the consumerization of devices and their impact on the workplace.”

Business people want to use the iPad, and think they should still have access to company resources regardless of whether the company paid for the iPad. This fact is driving more and more businesses to reassess their technology infrastructure to incorporate the use of personal mobile devices and tablets. According to Forrester Research, 30% percent of IT shops are piloting or planning tablet applications, and a further 43% of firms in North America and Europe are interested in tablets. Only one in four firms has no current tablet plans. The lesson: Don’t get caught flatfooted when employees bring in personal iPads/tablets/mobile devices for use at work.

Businesses are required to consider virtualization in an effort to provide the business more control over the type of information accessible from their employees’ personal devices. The iPad is changing the way companies do business and virtualization is the only way to deal with the increasing diversity of endpoints used by employees — from security to accessibility of essential applications. Tablets will bring many new benefits, but they also bring new problems that IT must deal with. Desktop virtualization is one of the smartest ways to deal with these issues.

Citrix is the first company with a fully supported client to attach the iPad and other personal mobile computing devices securely through their XenApp and XenDesktop virtualization solutions.

Bottom line: The iPad is here to stay and businesses that want to remain competitive will have to adapt their IT infrastructure to accommodate worker’s personal mobile devices.

Are you interested in joining the 75% of businesses that incorporate iPads and tablets into their business process? Contact ACE IT Solutions today at 908-704-0400. We can conduct an assessment of your current technology infrastructure and help you develop a plan for a cost-effective move to virtualization.

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