DNS/DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks wreak havoc on businesses of all sizes and industries.  According to Verisign, as many as one-third of all downtime incidents are DDoS related. Since 2012, the number of DNS / DDoS  attacks has increased by 200 percent — in both size and frequency.

DNS services are critical function of almost any business — they are key to translating IP addresses into domain names.  DNS / DDos attacks can be particularly disruptive to organizations. Without properly functioning DNS, businesses can’t communicate, productivity drops, customer satisfaction declines and revenues can be reduced.

DNS / DDoS attacks take a few forms. The most common are:

  • Redirect all incoming traffic to a different server, which enables hackers to launch additional attacks, or collect traffic logs that contain sensitive information. This type of attack can be used to target website visitors and capture login credentials as well as account information. This technique can also be used to direct users of a website to another site of the hacker’s choosing.
  • Capture all in-bound email and use the victim organization’s domain and positive reputation to send out additional email attacks. Hackers can also use this method to register fraudulent SSL certificates in the victim organization’s name.

Some of the most effective ways to protect your business against DDoS attacks include using strong passwords and IP-based acceptable client lists(ACLs), as well as educating employees about safe internet use. Put a written internet use policy in place.

It is also essential to follow security best practices and host your server with a trusted authority who has security measures in place to protect against DDoS attacks.

Leaving your technology infrastructure unprotected is too risky. If you are unsure about the security of your infrastructure or if you have experienced a DDoS attack, contact ACE IT Solutions at 646-558-5575 for a free security assessment. Our security experts can help you understand your security vulnerabilities and the steps you can take to secure your technology infrastructure.

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