The northeast saw its first snowstorm before the end of October and power outages soon followed. The New York Times reported that, two-days after the storm, more than a million electricity customers are still in the dark from New Jersey to Maine. Hopefully, yours was one of the businesses that learned from the flooding and outages left in the wake of Hurricane Irene or the myriad of issues caused by the epic winter of 2010 and have an online backup and disaster recovery system in place.

Companies that learned their disaster recovery lessons, particularly those that did not have important data protected with remote backup when the storm hit, had a very difficult time getting up and running again — if they were able to get up an running at all.  An HP study released last year found that 70 percent of smaller organizations go out of business within one year of a data loss incident.

Companies need immediate and constant access to critical information to ensure business continuity when disaster strikes. Every business needs offsite backup and recovery.  Off-site transmission and storage provides a necessary safeguard for your data, while under the protection of industrial-strength encryption. And instant access to your data allows quick and easy recovery in the event of a disaster. In addition, your cost savings are not only realized in the lack of hardware and software costs, but also in the amount of time and stress saved by using a reliable online backup solution.

Online backup and data recovery solutions can be customized to meet each business’ needs and budget; however, there are a few critical points that businesses need to keep in mind when looking for a business class online backup and data recovery solution.

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  • Why you need online backup
  • What to look for in a business class online backup and data recovery solution
  • The benefits of business class online backup, including disaster recovery, security and compliance

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