Smartphones, iPhones, iPads, tablets and Androids — employees’ personal mobile devices are playing a key role in increasing employee productivity, at the same time, they are a major pain point for businesses’ IT departments that are charged with data security and device management.  Some IT experts propose that mobile virtualization might be the anecdote to that pain.

Data security and device management has been a major barrier to adoption as personal mobile devices used as a business tool.  The sticking point is that employees’ personal mobile devices are usually more advanced than the standardized devices provided by their companies. As a result, workers must lug around several separate devices for work and play.

A recent article in CRN discussed mobile virtualization as the ideal solution to the user convenience / IT security dilemma, with virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) as the driving force. CRN cites a recently unveiled mobile virtualization partnership between VMware and LG as a sign of where things are headed. LG has plans to start producing Android smartphones pre-loaded with VMware’s Mobile Virtualization Platform — embedded software that puts the mobile phone’s operating systems, applications, and data into a virtual machine that is separate from the underlying hardware. LG claims it is a win-win scenario in which employees get to use their own devices and companies remain confident in the security of their data.

Mobile virtualization could deliver significant cost savings to businesses who have adopted a variety of work-arounds to the personal mobile device dilemma.  Mobile access to company tools and services can improve employee productivity and improve IT department efficiency through simplified administration.

Virtualization certainly seems like the solution to the single-device-for-everything issue. The challenge is reading businesses for virtualization. Certainly those businesses who are already adopting VDI into their business will be ahead of the the curve as mobile virtualization moves into the mainstream.

Desktop virtualization can help organizations satisfy users’ needs for mobility and flexibility while relieving pressure on their IT provider to manage cost, security and compliance. ACE IT Solutions can evaluate your network infrastructure and determine how your business can benefit from desktop virtualization. Contact us at 646-571-3957 for more information.

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