Balancing employee’s desire to use their personal devices for business’ (BYOD) use while keeping company data secure is a constant challenge for IT staff. Understanding how to leverage the security tools available is key to protecting data on mobile devices.

Most business have a knowledgeable IT partner to help guide them through the security labyrinth but it helps for business leaders to have at least a basic knowledge of the data  tools available that keep valuable business data secure.

Each of these tools should be considered when developing a security strategy for mobile devices — regardless of whether the devices are used solely for business use or are doing double duty as personal devices in a BYOD environment.

Remote security & provisioning
Remote, wireless provisioning and configuration ensures that devices are armed with the latest security capabilities without IT staff having to physically handle every device for each employee.

Lost and stolen mobile devices rank among business’ top mobile security concerns according to Makes sense, the easiest way to lose data is to lose the device itself. Ensure that all devices used for business can be locked and wiped remotely.

Remote provisioning also provides seamless and efficient scalability as business add new devices.

Network access control
Network access control is essential to ensure that mobile devices meet company security policies before connecting to the corporate network. Unprotected devices provide hackers an easy way into an enterprises’ network. Connectivity-oriented security tools such as SSL VPN and multi-factor authentication and logging reduces network compromise.

Malware defense
Mobile malware protection, including antivirus, personal firewalls, web filtering and anti-spam are should be installed on each device.

Data encryption
Files, contact information and email, at the very least, must be encrypted to protect data in the event of device loss or theft.

Threat intelligence
Real-time monitoring of deviations from “normal” activity can help alert to data breaches and attacks and enable a rapid response. Internal dat loss protection should also be considered and web filtering, monitoring and recovery options are available to prevent data loss from inside the company.

Centralized management
Centralized management tools provide a single place for enforcing security policies and performing other security related functions across all mobile devices.

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