Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is one of the most popular trends in business technology today and more than 75% of businesses currently allow employees to use their own devices for work. Gartner research predicts that 50% of all businesses may make BYOD mandatory by 2017.

This trend requires businesses to take a good look at BYOD and determine how they will deal with personal devices in the work place. We cannot stress enough the importance of a detailed BYOB policy. BYOD policies should clearly identify who can use personal devices, which devices are acceptable and what set of conditions they can be used under. Automation, through MDM, helps businesses better detect and enforce BYOD policy, especially rapidly-growing businesses.


  • Create a detailed BYOD policy
  • Understand the difference between personal and work devices
  • Create a list of accepted devices
  • Use productivity apps to help workers do their jobs
  • Automate BYOD compliance with MDM technologies
  • Require employee consent as a condition of authorizing using personal devices for business
  • Assess how security settings and configurations will affect productivity
  • Use secondary authentication on business apps
  • Enable safe, monitored use under defined conditions
  • Create a list of acceptable criteria for permitted devices
  • Define BYOD rights and responsibilities


  • Try to ban BYOD
  • Focus your BOYD policy on one mobile OS
  • Slack on security
  • Invade employees’ privacy
  • Treat personal devices the same as corporate devices
  • Don’t leave gaping holes in visibility and security that could easily result in data breach or network penetration

Let ACE IT Solutions help your business create a BYOD policy and help ensure a secure and successful BYOD program. Contact us at 646-558-5575.

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