We are big fans of allowing employees to use their own devices for work (BYOD), it saves SMBs money and helps keep employees productive. However, we caution against implimenting a BYOD policy without first developing a formal policy regarding usage of personal devices for work purposes.

Part of the BYOD usage policy should address cost sharing — who pays for what.

We recommend that employees pay for their own devices, then there is no debate over who is responsible when the device is lost and the business doesn’t have to worry about depreciation.

Your policy should be clear about what devices will be permitted for cost, logistical, security or support reasons.

Service Plans
Some businesses provide compensation for business use of personal devices. This may be a fixed fee or fixed percentage of the monthly service plan, which saves time in accounting documentation and both parties can anticipate costs up front.

There is software available that monitors usage and costs and tags specific calls as business or personal, if you want a more elaborate system and precise accounting.

ACE IT Solutions also recommends that you consult your legal and financial advisors before putting into place a BYOD policy and be sure to have a very clear written plan that details costs, permitted devices, support and security details. It is also a good idea to provide a brief training session to educate employees on specific policies and procedures.

ACE IT Solutions can help your business develop a cost-effective BYOD policy that ensures a secure and user-friendly experience. Contact ACE IT Solutions at 908-704-0400 and put your BYOB plan into action.


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