If one of your employees walks into the office with a new smartphone or tablet computer and asks your IT department to configure it to receive work email, what do you do? Do you have BYOD policies in place to handle this situation?

Mobile devices in the work place are here to stay and it is estimated that the world’s mobile worker population is expected to reach 1.2 billion by 2013. The proliferation of mobile devices in the workplace has created new challenges for businesses and their IT departments. To deal with these challenges, best practices must be followed to help businesses manage employee’s mobile devices and keep company data secure.

There is no question that mobility solutions can deliver real business benefits, from increased productivity, to higher sales revenues to improved customer satisfaction. However, these benefits can become negated if companies fail to properly secure and manage the mobile devices and applications accessed from these devices.

Increase your odds of success by following these tips for managing mobile devices in the workplace:

  • Outline your management and security needs and goals before creating a list of approved devices and providing employee access to mobile data and applications.
  • Provide training and written documentation to ensure employees understand the proper procedures for using mobile devices, accessing corporate data and reporting lost/stolen devices.
  • Make absolutely sure that the mobility management system deployed integrates seamlessly with your company’s security architecture and existing systems.
  • Attempt to minimize the variability of supported mobile operating systems.
  • Use a mobility management solution that lets IT managers centrally deploy software, updates and patches directly to the mobile devices, inventory the software resident on those devices, and track user authentication and network activity.
  • For security reasons, you should be able to remotely lock-down or disable devices and wipe the devices’ memory if necessary. Also consider device-specific security measures such as automatic data encryption, and enhanced user authentication technologies such as fingerprint readers and smart cards.

ACE IT Solutions can help your business develop a cost-effective mobile device management policy that ensures a secure and user-friendly experience. Contact ACE IT Solutions at (646) 558-5575 and put your BYOD plan into action.

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